The Baker's Rack -Try Them All

The Baker's Rack -Try Them All

Can't Decide? Try Them All!

The Baker’s Rack offers everything that’s cooling on the racks in our downtown Charleston bakeshop - one dozen of each of our seven great flavors! Sample them all: Buttermilk, Cheese and Chive, Country Ham, Cocktail Country Ham, Black Pepper Bacon, Cinnamon, Shortcakes, Pimento Cheese and Fiery Pimento Cheese.

Cheese and Chive: We use the finest sharp cheddar cheese and add fresh chives—the smell of these cooking and reheating is to die for.

Country Ham: A delectable combination of finely chopped Virginia Artisanal Country Ham, Dijon mustard butter, and the finest Southern Flour. Country ham is cured in salt~so this is for our savory palates! Also this biscuit contains cheese.

Buttermilk: Eat these light fluffy southern treats everyday and Keep plenty on hand.

Cinnamon: We took the cinnamon “Sticky” and made it into a biscuit and it is out of this world! One biscuit layered with tons of butter, cinnamon and brown sugar—the taste melts in your mouth.

Cocktail Ham Biscuits: Our same delicious ham biscuits only smaller – making them perfect to play the starring role at any cocktail party.

Black Pepper Bacon Biscuits: Simple ingredients made scrumptious. Caramelized bacon along with freshly cracked black pepper, cream cheese, and a handful of green onions, make these cocktail-sized Southern biscuits a welcome treat anytime.

Shortcakes!: Made-by-hand, our shortcakes are simple ingredients made scrumptious. A hint of vanilla, along with sugar, cream, and butter make these old fashioned Southern treats irresistible.

Pimento Cheese: A staple in a good Southerner's kitchen, this simple blend of freshly shredded cheddar hand-mixed with pimentos and our signature spices is every food lover's secret weapon.

Fiery Pimento Cheese: As hot as a Charleston summer, this simple blend of freshly shredded cheddar hand-mixed with pimentos, our signature spices, and a secret fiery addition is my version of my mom Callie's famous pimento cheese.

Serving SizesServing Size– 2 dozen serves 8-10 people; 4 dozen serves 16-20 people.

All we can do is average here, but go ahead and plan on each weighing an average of 1.4oz each.

All The Buttery Details

Our biscuits arrive fully cooked and frozen - simply reheat and serve.
To see how beautifully our biscuits are packaged click here.

  • Keep Frozen Until Use
    1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
    2. Unwrap package and remove biscuits from plastic wrap.
    3. Let thaw just enough to break apart. (It’s easiest to thaw overnight in refrigerator)
    4. Unstack and wrap completely in aluminum foil.
    5. Bake in oven for 25-30 minutes
    6. Open foil for the last 3-5 minutes of baking or until golden brown.

If you would like to order other quantities call 843 577-1198.
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To see how beautifully our biscuits are packaged click here.


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